Garden Center Services

diag-analysisDiagnostics & Analysis (Plants & Pond)

When working and caring for any live things from plants to fish, there’s always a possibility for issues to arise. Don’t worry, we have the solution… maybe.

Reasons you may visit us:

  • Insect, disease or critter problems with your plants.
  • Find the right nourishment for any plant.
  • Fish having a bad day or pond misbehaving.

We think we have heard it all, but bring it on!

With our wide variety of treatments and tricks, we will put our heads together to help bring life back to your beloved landscape.


Don’t have a truck? No worries, we can deliver anything from our garden center to you! Poor Boy does most of our deliveries and for those who haven’t seen him in a while, we need to get him a little more exercise!

Rules: (They’re more of what you call “guidelines” than actual rules)

  • Fees are based on your zip code*, usually delivered within 24-48 hours.
  • For the same fee we will deliver anything that fits into our truck, which is a lot!
  • Tailgate service only. Sorry, our trucks do not leave hard surfaces.

*There is a limited service area, please inquire about fees. Some larger items such as boulders may require a bit more