About Us

My love of the gardening business dates back to 1979 when, at the age of 14, my friend and I started working at a local produce stand. The stand closed in 1984, and 20 years old and out of work, we decided to open our own business selling flowers, produce, pumpkins, and Christmas trees. We sat in a bar brainstorming words that described us, and at the top of the list were “poor” and “boys” – and thus, with just a few drinks and a $1500 loan, Poor Boy’s was born.

Today, it’s hard to imagine Poor Boy’s humble beginnings as a roadside stand peddling produce and pumpkins. Now located in the heart of Parkville at the corner of Old Harford Road and Taylor Avenue, Poor Boy’s is a full-service garden center known by locals for its superior plant quality, vast selection, and outstanding customer service. Poor Boy’s Garden Center strives to create a landscape you’ll love to live in!

-Terry Gerahty, Owner