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The Benefits of Beneficials

In the age-old battle between gardeners and garden pests, a secret army of tiny warriors quietly goes about their work, often unnoticed yet profoundly effective. These unsung heroes are beneficial insects, nature’s allies in the fight against garden and greenhouse pests. From the mysterious Assassin Bugs to the charming Ladybugs, each plays a crucial role […]

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The N-P-K of Fertilizer

Once upon a time, Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary grew her garden with silver bells and cockleshells, but nowadays, most gardeners use some other forms of fertilizer that are better formulated than nursery rhymes.

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Eliminate Water Garden Algae

During the summer months you can eliminate algae easily, effectively, naturally and attractively with the simple addition of appropriate pond plants to your water garden. Three factors contribute to excess algae growth: sunlight, nutrients and low oxygen.

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